We not only assist with regulatory disputes but also with financial reporting disputes relating to complex securities litigation, regulatory enforcement, white-collar defense, government investigations and accountants’ professional liability, financial statement irregularities, and whistleblower complaints.

For shareholders we offer pre-investment forensic due diligence, financial due diligence in cases of acquisitions, mergers, JVs, etc., disputes on product liability, difference of opinion in business plans and purchase price.

Other Specific Services

For corporations we can assist in investigations in cases relating to:

  • Employee fraud (kickbacks, asset misappropriation, employee embezzlement and misconduct, profits due to dual employment)
  • Financial mismanagement fraud
  • Business Intelligence
  • Employee Misconduct
  • Bribery & Corruption – Bid Rigging
  • Cyber Crime
  • Sexual Harassment

Regarding employment disputes we offer a range of solutions varying from litigation to multiple ADR solutions in cases relating to:

  •  employee discrimination,
  • wrongful termination,
  • executive compensation,
  • trade secret theft,
  • class actions and
  • single plaintiff disputes,
  • analyzing large data sets,
  • employee stock options valuation and equity awards,
  • class action expertise and statistical analysis,
  • executive compensation expertise

We also provide expertise in intellectual property disputes relating to:

  • patent, trademark and copyright infringements,
  • trade secrets misappropriation,
  • International Trade Commission investigations,
  • data theft,
  • data leakage,
  • fake marketing & advertisements,
  • brand protection,
  • unjust enrichment and disgorgement of profits.


We collaborate with our colleagues in cyber-crimes. To make a productive impact in court we gather important actionable information. Besides this, providing services for expert witness advice and testimony, cyber legal services are also what we assist in.


  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Managed Document Review
  • Background Checks & Management Integrity Checks
  • Contract Management (End-to-end Life Cycle)
  • Asset Tracing
  • Data Protection Management
  • Pro-Active IP Investigation
  • Distributor Management System
    • Pre & Post Investment Due Diligence, Liability Assessments
  • Fraud Risk Assessments
  • Valuations
  • Regulatory compliance